About Me

Curriculum Vitae 2020

Teaching Philosophy

As a returning student, I have dedicated my educational pursuits towards understanding how the world’s actors coexist without constant conflict. With this goal in mind, I received by BA in political science with a focus on political theory. From Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, through the middle ages of Europe, and the contract theorists, and into the modern era of Weber, the enlightenment thinkers, Dewey, and others, I was able to learn a strong foundation as to why state and non-state actors behave the way they do. My Master’s thesis focused on the use of religion by non-state Middle East actors, Hizbullah, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, to better my understanding of how they create a self-other identity. My Ph.D. continues on this line but with a theoretical focus of the English School. Using the systems and institutions of order within the international and world societies allows one to understand how all the various players interact and contribute to the (dis)order of the world today. With all this in place, I desire to facilitate the knowledge of younger generations. To assist them in their academic pursuits and, hopefully, make the world a little better than it was before I started.